What to do after an accident

1. Ensure you are in a safe place to stop. Switch off your engine and turn your hazard lights on.

2. Dial 000 to notify Emergency Services if required.

3. Contact Zagame Emergency Assistance on 1300 000 924.

4. Record your Accident Details

Record Accident Details

Zagame Emergency Assistance will:

Coordinate towing of your vehicle

Arrange alternative transportation for you to get to your destination at no charge*

Coordinate your insurance claim

Arrange a loan vehicle whilst your vehicle is being repaired (if applicable)

Record Accident Details

Zagame Autobody will remove the stress associated with accidents. We will get you back on the road quickly and ensure your vehicle is looked after by the experts.

*Metropolitan Melbourne area

Your Rights

Accidents can cause chaos and confusion so it’s important to understand your rights.

If your vehicle cannot be driven, it must be towed. You can choose where to have your vehicle towed and where it should be repaired.

An Authority to Tow form details the towing services provided, including cost, which must be completed before your vehicle is moved. Please complete this form with your tow-truck driver.

Please ensure you request your vehicle be towed to Zagame Autobody, 31-69 Western Avenue, Westmeadows, where it will be stored securely. For further information, click here.

Ensuring quality & safety for the life of your vehicle We guarantee your vehicle will be repaired with genuine parts.

Genuine parts are specifically engineered for your vehicle, ensuring it is repaired as close to pre-accident condition as possible. Using genuine parts affords the right fit first time, aiding in maintaining the resale value and safeguarding your manufacturer vehicle warranty. These parts are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty*.

With one of Australia’s largest retail automotive parts distribution centres housed within the complex, you can be assured that parts will be delivered without delay.

Zagame Autobody guarantee you the complete autobody experience.

* Warranty is void where previously fitted non-genuine parts have caused damage.

Record Accident Details

Zagame Autobody Drop off locations

If your vehicle is drivable, and you have already contacted 1300 000 ZAG, you are welcome to drop your vehicle off at any of our Zagame Service locations across Melbourne.

Record Accident Details

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