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Follow the Bromley & Zagame Auto Project Journey

Follow the Bromley & Zagame Auto Project Journey

At the end of this year, Bromley & Co. together with Zagame Automotive Group, will unveil something truly special at our Zagame Autobody facility in Tullamarine.

You may know this as the former The Age building, and perhaps have driven past and seen the giant rolled up glass newspaper outside. Well, get set for a sculptural event that has not been seen before.

David Bromley, together with his collaborator artists, will turn their love of cars into a magical experience not to be missed. So, watch this space and follow the journey on Instagram @bromley_zagame_auto_project

“Cars that have lived, cars that once stood proud and are now seemingly past their use by date. These cars will be invigorated and celebrated for their shape, their story, their charm. A contemporary art show that will celebrate the wonder and style of all those cars we love.Something original is coming this spring 2018. Something no one has ever seen before.”

- David Bromley


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